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New Remote Sensing Tutorial Book! Remote Sensing with ArcGIS Pro (2nd Edition)

Remotely sensed images are widely available and have countless potential applications. In the past, analyzing these images required specialized software. Esri’s ArcGIS® Pro software provides image analysis tools that both novice and experienced analysts

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New Tutorial: Observing Our Natural World with Drones

This document provides a compendium of learning lessons in natural resources that are geared toward middle and high school educators. The curriculum resources included in this manual are intended to be provided ‘cafeteria style’

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New Publications for Educators!

Are you looking to extend your educational programming and include more STEM?  Look no further.  The Virginia Geospatial Extension Program, in partnership with GeoTEd-UAS, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and VirginiaView have developed several new publications

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Our Mission

VirginiaView (VAView) is a full member of AmericaView, a nationwide consortium of remote sensing scientists and educators.  VAView was established sometime around 2003, and continues to be based at Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment.  Since 2003, VAView’s programming has changed to accommodate changes in technology and changing priorities in industry and educational needs, VAView’s  mission remains constant.

Through its programming, VAView facilitates remote sensing and related geospatial education and workforce development in support of Virginia’s communities.  This mission is supported through the development of new educational resources (including ebooks, hardback books, short tutorial documents, and video tutorials), face-to-face workshops, classroom presentations / demonstrations, online workshops, and webinars.  VAView has a long history of working with public, private, and non-profit organizations, middle / high school / community college / 4-year college communities.  Through its partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension, VAView is able to extend programming to an array of stakeholders that reach across the Commonwealth.

Our Team

James Campbell, Ph.D.
James Campbell, Ph.D. Professor / Dept. of Geography
(540) 231-5841
John McGee, Ph.D.
John McGee, Ph.D.Prof. & Geospatial Extension Specialist / VirginiaView Coordinator
(540) 231-2428
Randolph Wynne, Ph.D.
Randolph Wynne, Ph.D. Professor / Dept. Forest Resources & Environ. Conservation
(540) 231-7811
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