sUAS Operational Resources

Educational Material

DACUM (Developing a Curriculum):  A DACUM stands for Defining a Curriculum.  A DACUM consists of a focus group of industry experts and a certified DACUM vacillator.  Through storyboarding, the focus group identifies the major tasks and duties associated with particular professions.  The GeoTEd project team, and affiliated partners have spearheaded several sUAS DACUM to support technician-level geospatial education and workforce development to support emerging economic opportunities across Virginia’s communities.  Several sUAS and Autonomous Systems DACUM can be accessed from the GeoTEd-UAS Website.

Exploring our Natural World with sUAS – (Coming soon!).  This is a handbook that is being developed  for high school teachers, that integrates sUAS and natural resource management.

Interesting Drone Imagery and Videos (Coming soon!)

Operating Drones on VT’s Campus

  • VT UAS policy   If you intend to operate an sUAS on campus property (includes campus and AREC’s),  then you’d better read this first!
  • VT Drone cage protocol  – Information about drone cage operations.
  • Kentland Farm sUAS Operations – If you are interested in working out at Kentland Farm, then you will need to make a notification on the calendar.

Drone Software and Apps

Check out our extensive list of sUAS flight planning and image processing software options and apps on the Software and App Webpage.