The Virginia GeoCoin Adventure

If you have access to a GPS, and a Geocoin, then you are ready for the Virginia Geocoin Adventure. Place a GeoCoin in a hidden cache, and then track the movements of the geocoin over time.

Learning lessons have been developed to help students explore landscapes and issues impacting our communities using the trackable geocoins as ‘their guide’. These lessons and other resources can be downloaded to support an array of learners groups, from Middle/ High School classrooms to 4-H clubs and scout troops.

If you don’t have a trackable Geocoin, then you can request a trackable geocoin from here.  Otherwise, exercises can be completed with your own geocoin (or trackable item), or by following other geocoins that are already in circulation.  See instructions in the “Geocoin Adventure:  Getting Started” guide.

  • Geocaching Overview – This is a presentation that provides an overview of geocaching, trackable items, etc.
  • GPS Manual for Natural Resource Educators (Garmin HC)– This manual contains basic instructions for how to operate a Garmin HC GPS receiver. This was developed fo natural resource educators, but is also applicable to teachers and recreational enthusiasts!
  • Getting Started Guide– This manual contains all the instructions you’ll need to start your own Virginia Geocoin Adventure with your group.
  • GypsyvMoth GeoCoin Activity – Through this learning lesson, your group will imagine that your Virginia Geocoin is a mass of Gypsy Moth eggs. You’ll see where it traveled and learn more abut the potential spread of Gypsy Moths using Google Earth.
  • Earth Mosaic Activity: Land Use – Through this learning lesson, your group will explore differences in land use and land cover using the travels of your Virginia Geocoin and Google Earth.
  • Watershed Wanderings – Through this learning lesson, your group will use the tavels of your Virginia Geocoin to assess the impacts of a potential large poultry farm on water quality. You’ll learn more about non point source pollution and the movement of water through watersheds.
  • Searching for Patterns: Landscape Ecology – Through this learning lesson, your group will learn specific types of landscape change caused by development, and search for examples of these changes using the travels of your Virginia Geocoin.