Video Tutorials

VirginiaView and partners have produced several video tutorials to support geospatial data collection and analysis, and are available through the Virginia Geospatial Extension Program / VAView YouTube Channel , or access our Video Tutorial web page for a current list of video tutorial options.  Note that some  of these tutorials are software based, and are not intended to take the place of a solid theoretical foundation.

Software Tutorials

  • Teaching with Topos – This resource was developed through GeoTEd-UAS and provides an introduction to Topographic maps, through a series of learning lessons and activities.  This is most appropriate for older middle schoolers or early high school ages (or 4-H).
  • Exploring Our Planet with Open Source Software– This resource provides an overview of open source software that is used for mapping and analysis, and includes instructions and learning opportunities for Google Earth, National Geographic MapMaker, and OpenStreet Map.
  • Working with Google Earth Pro– This manual provides step by step instruction for GoogleEarth Pro. There may be more to GE Pro than you realize!

GPS / GNSS Tutorials

These guides were developed to support the needs of Virginia Cooperative Extension, and are also being widely used by middle and high school teachers.

AmericaView Consortium Educational Resources

  • AmericaView has an extensive clearinghouse of Lesson Plans and remote sensing tutorials